When someone passes away they may or may not have had a Last Will and Testament (“Will”). In either case, it will be necessary for a loved one to administer the estate so as to, for instance, pay the debts, distribute the assets to the beneficiaries and account to the government. This can be quite onerous and time-consuming and as such, our firm is here to help.

We can assist you in all matters relating to your loved one’s estate, for example:

  • Locating the original Will;
  • Interpreting the bequests made pursuant to  the Will;
  • Providing advice as to entitlements under Ontario law where your loved one has passed away without a Will;
  • Preparing the necessary documentation and filing with the court for the purposes of obtaining letters probate also known as Certificate of Appointment of an Estate Trustee (this is the process by which a person or people are formerly named as executors/executrixes/trustees of the estate);
  • Transferring the deceased person’s real property (e.g. land, house or other) to the estate (“transmission”);
  • Transferring the deceased person’s real property to a surviving spouse where the property was held as joint tenants (“survivorship application”);
  • Transferring the deceased person’s real property from the estate to the beneficiaries or a third party (“transfer by estate representative”);
  • Notarizing and commissioning whatever documents are necessary such as Wills, affidavits and other estate-related documents;
  • Providing advice to the executor on various matters concerning the administration of the estate;
  • Referring you to other professionals where required such as to provide you with services related to appraisals of personal property (e.g. jewelry, coin collections), accounting services, estate sales, and real estate appraisals.

If your loved one has passed away, and you require any assistance in the administration of their estate, please do not hesitate to contact our office.